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Ewaybill FAQs

Sign Up

Q. How do I sign-up for EWAYBILL?

A. You can sign-up using your mobile number. You will receive an OTP on the entered mobile number. Signup will be successful upon validation of OTP.

Q. While entering the mobile number I am getting a message saying, “mobile number already exists”?

A. The number which you are entering is already in use or already registered under EWAYBILL. Please try to sign-up using another mobile number.

Q. Do I need to furnish my GSTIN Details?

A. Yes, you need to enter your GST Number while completing sign-up process. EWAYBILL application will fetch your company details using GST Number and will show the details to you for confirmation. This is a one-time activity only.

Q. I have entered my GST Number, but this is not showing company details. What should I do?

A. No worries, you can enter company details directly. Just click on Edit button and update the company details.

Q. I have entered my GSTIN, but this is showing wrong company details. How do I update the details?

A. The details can be updated by clicking on Edit button under the Settings → Profiles.

Q. While entering the GSTIN, I am getting an error message stating “The GSTIN is already exists”, what does it means?

A. The GSTIN which you have entered is already registered with us. Please check and try signup with another GSTIN.

Q. I have 4 GSTINs and 20 Locations. How can I update all details in EWAYBILL?

A. You must register separately for each location under each GSTIN.

Sign In

Q. I am trying to login into the EWAYBILL application but getting an error message, “Incorrect user name and password”. What should I do?

A. There are two possibilities due to which you are encountering such issue. Either mobile number is not registered, or you have entered wrong credentials. Please do check the details and try again. Still encountering same issue, please reset the password using forget password link and create new password.

Q. I don’t remember my login password. How do I retrieve the password?

A. No need to worry, you can retrieve/reset the password by clicking on forget password link on login page.

E-way Bill

Q. What is an e-way bill?

A. E-way bill is an electronic-way bill for movement of goods whose shipment value is more than Rs. 50,000. The E- Way Bill needs to be generated before the shipment starts its journey from the source, this is made mandatory by the government of India.

Q. Who all can generate the e-way bill?

A. The consignor or consignee, as a registered person or a transporter of the goods can generate the e-way bill. The unregistered transporter can enrol on the common portal and generate the e-way bill for movement of goods for his clients. Any person can also enrol and generate the e-way bill for movement of goods for his/her own use.

Q. Whether e-way bill is required for all the goods that are being transported?

A. The e-way bill is required to transport all the goods except exempted under the notifications or rules. Movement of handicraft goods or goods for job-work purposes under specified circumstances also requires e-way bill even if the value of consignment is less than fifty thousand rupees. Please refer to the e-way bill rules for other exemptions.

Q. Which types of transactions that need the e-way bill?

A. For transportation of goods in relation to all types of transactions such as outward supply whether intra-state or inter-state, inward supply whether from intra-state or from inter-state including from an unregistered person or for reasons other than supply also e-way bill is mandatory.

File Upload

Q. What all are the details required to generate the E-way bill?

A. You should be ready with required invoices/transactions for which you want to generate E-way bill.

Q. Is there any specific file format in which data needs to be uploaded? If yes, how can I get the file?

A. Yes, you need to provide transaction details in a pre-specified format. This format can be downloaded from EWAYBILL application from File Management page.

Q. I am trying to upload E-way bill data sheet but unfortunately file is not getting uploaded?

A. Sometimes while working on CSV format file, there is a chance of file gets corrupted. Get the data copied in the new file and try to upload this new file. Also, make sure that all the required column has correct data.

Q. File has been uploaded successfully, now what's next?

A. Great! Once the file gets uploaded successfully, please go to Transactions page, you will be able to see all the Transactions under “All Invoices Tab” “Ready for Generation”. You may start generating E-way bill.

In case of any error for any of the transactions, it will appear under “Error during Upload” tab. Based on error specification, you need to take the action to rectify those error.

Q. I am getting few transactions as “Error during upload”. What is that?

A. We have applied some file validation rules during file upload itself. These rules are required to get error-free data for smooth processing to generate E-way bill. Seems, some of the transaction has failed these rules and showing as error record. Please visit Transactions page, click on "Error During Upload" tab, download the error file, check the error details and get the error transactions rectified.

Rules such as GSTIN should be 15-digit, Pin Code should be 6-digit and only number, Invoice number should not have any special characters, etc.

Q. How to rectify transactions which are showing under “Error during Upload”?

A. EWAYBILL application will show you the error description due to which transactions are not getting uploaded. Please go to transactions page, click on “Error During Upload”. This will show only error records with exception/error message. Based on exception/error message, you need to take an action and get the issue resolved. Once the error is rectified, transactions will move to Ready to generation tab.

Q. I have uploaded 2000 transactions but out of 2000 transactions, 50 are showing under Error during Upload. Do I need to re-upload the complete file to rectify “Error During Upload” issue?

A. No need to re-upload the complete file. You can just upload the file with 50 Error Transactions only.

Q. All the invoices are in Ready for generation tab, now what’s next?

A. This means all the transactions are ready to generate e-way bill. You can select the transactions (partial or all) and click on Generate E-way bill button to generate the e-way bill for selected transactions. Upon successful generation of e-way bill, you will get the notification.

Q. The E-way bill generation has been done but few of the transactions are showing as Error while Generation. What is that and how do I rectify this error?

A. Error while generation means few of the records has some validation error and due to which e-way bill could not be generated. You can get the error transactions report from Transactions page “Error while generation” tab. Based on the error message, you will have to take an action and try to regenerate the e-way bill.

Updating Transportation/vehicle/Part-B Details

Q. What is Part B pending and how to update Part B?

A. Part B pending contains Transporter details which help in generating an E-way bill, without Part B details moment of goods cannot take place, hence updating Part B is require in E-way bill.

For updating the Part B: navigate to EWBs >> Part B pending >> a pop up will appear wherein you can update the details of the Transporter Invoice Number, Transport Invoice Date, Vehicle Type, Vehicle Number, From Place, Form state, and Reason for update.

Also, can view the History of the E-way bill on this popup box.

Q. How to update the Transporter Id?

A. Transporter Id can be updated in two cases:

a) Transporter has been Assigned: The e-way bill can be assigned from one transporter to another transporter, for further movement of consignment. Under this circumstance, the latest transporter, assigned for that e-way bill, can update Part-B of EWB.

Ex.: You have generated an e-way bill and assigned M/s Sharma as transporter. After that M/s Sharma has assigned Voila Cargo as transporter to this e-way bill. In this case, only Voila Cargo can update the transporter Id.

b) Transporter not yet Assigned: When an e-way bill is generated with the help of Part A information (transporter not yet assigned), then the person who generated the E-way bill can update transporter Id once transporter has been assigned.

Ex.: You have generated the -e-way bill, but transporter has not yet assigned. In this case, you can update the transporter Id.

Q. How an E-way bill is processed when a vehicle breaks downs?

A. If the vehicle breaks down, when the goods are being carried with an EWB, then option1: transporter or a supplier can get the vehicle repaired and continue the journey with the same EWB. Option2: If they need to change the vehicle, then they’ll have to enter the new vehicle details under Part B pending and continue the journey in new vehicle, within the original validity period of e-way bill.

Q. Who can update the vehicle number under Part B pending?

A. The Vehicle number can be updated by the supplier of the e-way bill or the transporter assigned by the supplier for that E-way bill.

Ex.: You have generated an e-way bill and assigned M/s Sharma as transporter. In this case, you and M/s Sharma, both can update the Vehicle number.

Q. I need to update Part B details. How many times Part-B details can be updated for an e-way bill?

A. You can update Part-B (Vehicle details) as many times as you want for movement of goods to the destination. However, the updating should be done within the validity period only.

Consolidate E-Way Bill

Q. What is Consolidate E-way bill?

A. Consolidated e-way bill is a document containing the multiple e-way bills for multiple shipments being carried in one vehicle. That is, the transporter, carrying multiple shipments of various consignors and consignees in one vehicle can generate and carry one consolidated e-way bill instead of carrying multiple e-way bills for those shipments.

Ex.: You have generated an e-way bill and assigned M/s Sharma as transporter. At the same time, Jagdamba Textiles generated an e-way bill and assigned M/s Sharma as transporter. In this case, instead of having two e-way bill, M/s Sharma can generate consolidated e-way bill and carry this one document only.

Q. How to consolidate the E-Way bill?

A. For Consolidating an E-Way bill go to EWBs >> Active >> Select the E-way Bills which you want to consolidate and click on Generate consolidate EWB and once you click on generate consolidate you can see the invoices Under “Consolidated EWBs” tab.

Q. What needs to be done, if the vehicle number need be changed for the consolidated e-way bill?

A. There is an option available under consolidated E-way for regenerate the Consolidated e-Way Bill, this option makes you to change the vehicle number in Consolidated e-Way Bill without any changes in individual EWBs. This will replace the original Consolidated e-Way Bill and newly generated Consolidated e-Way Bill needs to be carried with new vehicle, Old Consolidated e-Way Bill will become invalid for use.

To regenerate the consolidated e-way bill, navigate to Consolidated EWBs >> Active >> Under Regenerate EWB column, click on regenerate Consolidated e-Way Bill and make the changes and generate the EWB.

Q. What is Regenerate consolidated EWB?

A. Regeneration of consolidated E-way bills is editing/updating a consolidated e-way bill with regards to transportation mode and vehicle details.

Cancel E-Way Bill

Q. In which circumstances E-way bill can be canceled?

A. E-way Bill can be cancelled within 24 hours of the generation. EWB can be cancelled either goods are not transported by the suppliers or goods are not transported due to incorrect details given in the e-way bill.

Q. How to cancel the E-Way bill?

A. To cancel the E-Way bill go to EWBs >> Active >> Select the E-way Bills which you want to cancel and click on cancel icon. You will have to specify the reason of cancellation.


To cancel the E-way bill go to EWB >> Part B Pending >> Select the E-way Bills which you want to cancel and click on cancel icon. You will have to specify the reason of cancellation.

Q. How do I generate the E-way bill for cancelled e-way bill?

A. To generate an E-way bill from the cancelled E-way bill, navigate to EWBs >> Cancelled >> Select the E-way bill >> and click on generate E-way bill button.

Counter Party E-Way Bill

Q. How do I to get the E-way bill details which are generated by my counter party?

A. Counter party E-way bills are those that has been raised by the counter parties against you. You can get the counter party EWB’s after 24 hours of the generation of the EWB by the Counter Party.

To view the Counter party E-way bills, navigate to Counter Party EWBs >> Active.

Q. My counter party has raised invalid/incorrect e-way bill against me. How do I reject the Counter party E-way bill?

A. You have an option of reject the EWB created by the Counter party. The counter party E-way bill will be available for “Rejection” for 72hrs after it gets reflected in our portal. After 72hrs, this will be in view only mode, no action can be performed as per the rule of NIC.

To reject the Counter Party E-way bills, navigate to Counter Party EWBs >> Active >> Search by date >> Select the e-way bill that needs to be rejected and then click on “Reject”.

Validity of E-way Bill

Q. When does the validity of the e-way bill start?

A. The validity of the e-way bill starts when first entry is made in Part-B i.e. vehicle entry is made first time in case of road transportation or first transport document number entry in case of Rail/Air/Ship transportation, whichever is the first entry. It may be noted that validity is not re-calculated for subsequent entries in Part-B.

Q. How is the validity of the e-way bill calculated?

A. The validity period of the EWB is calculated based on the ‘approx distance’ entered while generating the EWB. For every 100Kms one day is a validity period for EWB as per NIC rule and if it is more than 100 KM, based on the Kms days will get added. For Ex. if the approx distance is 310Kms then validity period is 3+1 days.

For movement of Over Dimensional Cargo (ODC), the validity is one day for every 20 KM (instead of 100 KM) and for every 20KM and if it is more then 20KM, based on Kms one more day is added. For Ex. if the approx distance is 31Kms then validity period is 1+1days.

Q. I need to extend the validity of an e-way bill. Is there any possibility? If yes, what is the process?

A. Yes, you can extend the validity of the e-way bill, if the consignment is not being reached the destination within the validity period due to exceptional circumstance like natural calamity, law and order issues, trans-shipment delay, accident of conveyance, etc. The transporter needs to explain this reason in detail while extending the validity period.

There is an option of extending the validity period of E-way bill under EWBs >> Ready for extension, the option of extending E-way bill is before and after 8hrs i.e. 4 pm to 8 am.

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