How to Perform a Mini ATM Transaction?

Please Note: Customers can withdraw minimum 100 Rs. and maximum 2000 Rs. per day/per debit card. The total number of transactions limited per debit card is 5 per day. Once the Mini ATM transaction is made, it cannot be voided (cancelled)

  • Open the Payswiff SET app
  • Tap on the Mini ATM icon (on the footer of the screen) beside the Home icon 
  • You need to select the amount from the given options by tapping on the – and + icon
  • Tap on ‘Dispense Cash’ to proceed
  • Payswiff SET app will initialize the transaction by connecting to the card reader
  • Swipe or insert your customer’s debit card into the mPOS card reader 
  • Enter the debit card pin number and press on the green button 
  • The transaction is successful
  • Enter customer’s mobile number and email id to send the transaction receipt
  • Once the transaction is successful, you can handover the requested cash to the customer
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  • 05-Dec-2018