How to perform gas bill payment using your SET Wallet Balance?

Open the Payswiff SET app. Tap on ‘Earn’ icon on the bottom of the screen. Then tap on ‘Gas’ and follow the steps:

  • Enter the mobile number 
  • Choose the service provider from the list
  • Enter customer ID
  • Tap on the ‘Verify’ button
  • If the consumer number is valid, the bill details will be displayed below.
    Please note: if the gas bill is not yet generated, you cannot pay the bill
  • Tap on ‘Pay’
  • Enter customer’s name (this is optional)
  • Select Payment method: SET VAS Balance
    Please Note: The bill amount will be deducted from your SET wallet balance excluding the commission earned
  • Enter your 4-digit secure PIN number
  • Congratulations! The recharge is successful

The transaction details will display on the screen.

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  • 06-Dec-2018