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How do I download the Payswiff SET app?

There are multiple ways to download the Payswiff SET app. Please find the details below and get the SET app downloaded.

From Google Play Store & App Store: If you are using an Android smartphone, search for Payswiff SET in the Play Store and click on the Install button.
If you are using iPhone, go to App Store and search for Payswiff SET app and install the same.

Through Missed Call: Give a missed call to +91 90251-02021 and you’ll receive an SMS with a link in the message. On clicking the link, you will be redirected to the respective store to download the app.

By Scanning QR Code: If you have a QR code scanning app on your smartphone, you can scan the QR code which is available on the backside of the SET device box. You can also scan the QR code displayed here. Based on your smartphone, you will be redirected either to the Play Store or App Store to download the app.

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  • 08-Jan-2019